My True Love; The Steeles at Silver Island by Melissa Foster

rating: 5/5
Steam: 4/5
Trope: Grumpy/sunshine, Little sister’s best friend, Age Gap, Damaged hero, Love Heals
Series: Steeles at Silver Island

My True Love is a story of soulmates finding each other. The healing power of love and finding your person. This is a very raw, steamy and sweet book.  Grant is swoony and Jules is brighter than the sun. The story has depth with tons of character development and storyline movement.  There are some surprised in the story that keep you guessing. 

There is a connection with Grant from the first page, his feeling of losing something and being lost are so relatable to many of us.  Grant is a very typical oldest child. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.  He wants to help but after being away for so long he isn’t sure where his place is now.

Jules choice to go through life with a positive attitude, to live life to the fullest, is one that I aspire to.  I think only people who have had to face some of life’s toughest challenges get this. Jules approaches life head one.  Not afraid to give things a try even when there is a chance she could lose her heart.

The sex scenes were off the charts! These two could not keep their hands off of each other. It wasn’t just sex, as wild as it sometimes got, their love was always palpable, it jumped off of the page. I liked how the author described having sex when one of the participants has an amputated limb/prosthetic leg. The normalization of Grant being an amputee in these scenes was powerful and so well done.

Melissa Foster creates this beautiful island full of amazing characters. She makes you fall in love with each one of them.  I loved this story and highly recommend reading this book. You will laugh, cry, swoon.