Ryker Ranch Collection #1 by Kim Loraine

Do you love a series with an amazing family dynamic?  How about a feisty mother that is able to keep hoards of grown men in their place?  How about hot cowboys that fall hard and fast for their ladies?  Then this is definley the series for you! This collection is perfect.  It is the first three books in the series, and trust me you will binge read it! I think it has it all, including a reality tv show filmed at the ranch! This series follows the Ryker family, and 3 of the brothers.  There is an opposites attract, fake relationship, and accidental pregnancy.  These basically are my kryptonite.

Book one in the collection is Saddle Up and it is an opposite attract.  Clint is trying to keep his family’s ranch afloat after his fathers death and was recently taken advantage of by a woman. Ever is a woman who I think was a little lost, and just never knew it.  When she stepped on the ranch while pitching the reality tv show she fell in love not only with a cowboy but everything the ranch had to offer.  I adored this couple, and how much they both loved!  It was a hard fought love, but they are perfection together!
Bucked Off is book two in the collection, and is a fake fiance. Fake fiance, with a sweet cowboy and a feisty heroine.  Yes, please! I really love Buck.  He might actually be my favorite Ryker sibling.  He is so sweet and loves so much.  He has had his eye on Penny for many years.  Once he conveniences Penny they should embark on a fake relationship the sparks fly.  To be honest, it took me a while to warm up to Penny and she did something that made me shake my head.  But I loved how their story came together and evolved throughout the series.  

Bucked Hard is book 3 and it is a one night stand, accidental pregnancy.  Tristan Ryker is a playboy.  He likes the ladies a lot.  He spends one night with a hot blonde that he cannot get out of his head.  Months later she arrives at his doorstep….pregnant with his baby.  Hazel might be my favorite of the trilogy.  She is smart and independent. She knows what she wants, but she is also good at protecting herself due to her hurtful past.  Tristan grew a lot throughout this story and I really enjoyed watching him fall head over heels in love with Hazel.  

If you are on the fence about this collection or series, I urge you to take the plunge! It is so good! Kim Loraine has quickly become one of my favorite authors and an automatic read for me!

Ryker Ranch series is now on SALE for $0.99 for THREE books…it also available in audiobook as a collection!!! What a bargain!