Review: The Make Out Artist by Sara Ney

Rating: 4/5 PoP:72%  Accidentally in Love  #3

If you read the previous Accidentally in Love books you have met Elias Cohen, but if not this book stands on its own. When we have seen Elias in the past I did not have a good impression but he was nothing like what I expected. Elias owns his own sports management company where he manages really big names in all types of sports. His job kind of requires him to be a jerk at times, but really he is a caring and honest guy. He meets Molly Summervale while at a party her roommate is throwing at her house. He sees her escape upstairs and follows in an attempt to escape the women hitting on him. Molly is less than thrilled to see him and does not take any of his crap. If anyone is the a**hole it is her and she owns it. 

I really like the way Molly and Eli’s relationship started as a favor, turned friendship turned lovers. Molly is so brutally honest it is often funny. And Eli enjoys her wit and that she respects him as a person. Eli and Molly are both in a place in life where they are sick of the normal dating scenes, although those are different for each of them. However, they are not really trying anything new either. On the surface they may seem nothing alike but they really are. 

This was more of a slow burn but you really got to see their relationship grow and I think that made the connection feel more real. My only gripe was that the conflict was kind of not one, but I do think it speaks to how they both feel deeply. Eli was so considerate throughout their relationship that I kind of felt bad for my previous judgment of him. I appreciate that the conflict was not him being hung up on the bet he made with Penelope. I adored Molly, I could relate to her straight talk, graphic tee phase, strange relationship with her parents’ neighbors and somewhat misdirection in life. This was a lovely light read that I really enjoyed.