Where Waves Break by Julia Wolf

“I’m living with Diego and his son, desperately trying to forget how right it felt to be on my knees for him and how badly I crave to hear more of his praise.”

Where Waves Break: A Nanny/Single Father Romance (The Seasons Change) by [Julia Wolf]

When Waves Break is a new favorite for me. I cannot express how much I LOVE this book.  

Diego might be the broodiest of heroes. He is beautifully broken, swoony. Diego is fierce in his love and loyalty to those he surrounds himself with. He comes off as gruff with hard and sharp edges but there is softness about him. You see it in the way he cares for his young son.  

June is introverted with heart she wears proudly on her sleeve. She is so kind, but her kindness and desire to care for others has burned her to the point she has retreated farther into herself. June wants to be loved but she also deserves it. June is complicated. Her life to some might seem easy it has been anything but. She also has some secrets that just made her even better. I have a complete girl crush on June! I adore her!  

Holy Hotness and chemistry. This story was an inferno before we even get to the first kiss. Diego is fierce and protective. He is quick to speak without thought. His hard edges make him seem almost unapproachable. Once we are past that he is swoony and so sexy!! Diego is grumpy but with reason. His life has not been easy. He has worked hard to get where he is. He has come back from so much. He is one of those characters that will live rent free in your heart for a very long time.  

This Book was breathtaking. I really loved every word and am going to be thinking about this one for a good long while. Honestly, this whole series is intoxicating. Each story uniquely their own. Each book is so dynamic you will not be disappointed. This book is a 5 star read but really I want to give the whole series 100 stars! This is a must read!  

Book Stats:
The Seasons Change -Book 4
Pub Date: January 5, 2023
Kindle Unlimited
Tropes: Age-gap, Co-workers, Close Proximity, Boss/Employee, Single Dad, Nanny, Grumpy Sunshine, Rockstar, Damaged Hero, Book Bestie
Kinks: Praise Kink, BDSM aspects

CW: Please check content warnings- former drug abuse, death of a partner, abusive parental relationships