EP: 99 The Limelight with author Roxie Noir

On this episode of Buzzing About Romance we have an author spotlight for you.  We are  talking to author Roxie Noir. We find out a little about her and the stories she writes.  Her inspiration and what is next for her.   

Bio: Roxie is a romance author by day, and also a romance author by night. She lives in Los Angeles with one husband, two cats, far too many books, and a truly alarming pile of used notebooks that she refuses to throw away.  
She’s the author of the Loveless Brothers series, the upcoming Wildwood Society series, and a bunch of other books that are also delightful. 

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Next Up: On our Next Episode of Buzzing about Romance we are going head to head in the battle of the siblings best friends.  We will be joined by Heather as she moderates, judges, or tells us to stop talking as the two of us battle it out. 

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