Review: The Difference Between Someday and Forever by Aly Martinez

Book 2 left us on a cliffhanger and our characters in turmoil. And since that was my vaguest review ever, I’m a little unsure about how to write this one. So I think instead of a summary, I’ll just go straight to what I like and dislike about this one.
I was really nervous about the conflict of book two being dragged out for most of book three. I was pleasantly surprised that was not the case. But of course Aly has a few more unexpected fated events in store. I loved that we got to see a time of the characters finding themselves after all the crap they have been through. Although, it was a little hard on the heart for a bit. We got some happiness and Aly wrapped it up in her signature form. So, if you are reading this and still wondering if you should invest the time in this trilogy, the answer is yes.