Review: What Lovers Do by Jewel E. Ann

Rating: 4/5 

Sophie is an optometrist that loves love and is just a little too caring. It is how she founds her in her current predicament. Her free loading ex-boyfriend with a sob story refuses to believe their relationship is over and he needs to move out of her house. Oh, and she is pregnant with a baby that is not hers or his. Sophie is aware that she often allows people to take advantage of her good nature but it is part of her being. So, she is taking some time to focus on herself and not date. And isn’t that always when one finds their perfect match? 

Enter Shep, recently divorced pet store owner and dog daddy co-parent. Shep and Sophie have a funny meet cute and spark, but Sophie cannot have a relationship. But she could use a friend, so they agree to a friendship that only includes the happy. They will not share anything that does not bring them joy. Of course things progress and this is not a maintainable reality. 

Although, this is a romantic comedy, you know Jewel E. Ann is going to bring some major feelings. Sophie and Shep are not your typical leading role characters, they are sweet and caring people that truly want the best for others. This can lead them to overlook their best interests. Even though you love them you also want to hit them upside the head often. I struggled with them not knowing each other completely and it did become their biggest conflict. However, I absolutely loved the growth and conversations they have while they are separated. There is really no “bad guy” persay in this story, rather feelings and boundaries that need to be discussed and understood. That is what life is and it is best lived with one’s best friend.