Review: Says it’s forever by AL Jackson

Rating: 4/5
Series: Redemption Hills Book #2
Tropes:  anti-hero, bearded-hero, co-workers, damaged-hero, emotional-trauma, enemies-to-lovers, fated-to-love,  possessive-alpha-hero, protector, rescue-romance, single-mom, slow-burn, stern-brunch-daddy
Pop: 42%

“I have you”

A girl who is both an enchantress and black-fuckin’-magic for your heart’s desire. 

Jud Lawson has made choices and done the things he did in order to survive. He has regrets and in order to keep his darkness at bay he hides them as deep inside as he can.  Almost to cost of his heart. 

Salem is running her from her demons.  With the promise that it is ok to finally come home she reunites with her brother and grandmother after having been on the run for 4 years.  What she doesn’t know is she is running right into her destiny.

They are connected by heartbreak, the are drawn in by chemistry and desire. Never have two souls been more fated to each other than Jud and Salem.  This story is captivating and spellbinding. 

I loved everything about this story. It encapsulates you into their world and you never want to leave.  Jud might be one of the growliest heroes I have read in a moment, but his swoon factor is high. He is protective and willing to make every sacrifice to keep Salem and Juni Bee safe.   The eb and flow of the poeticisms of Jud and Salem’s story add to the beauty of their connection.  And the every present joy of the sassy Juni Bee, feisty  Mimi and the Lawson Clan just add so much to this story.   

“Say it’s forever. It’s forever, baby. Today, tomorrow, and always.”

Oh my Heart…  ……this book stole it and never have been more ok with that.  AL Jackson writes a story that tears at your heart and stays with you until the very end.  She has a way of breaking you and mending your heart at just the right moment. I honestly loved this story and would absolutely recommend it.