Cycled by Elise Faber

Rating: 4/5
PoP: 33%
Tropes: Hockey; Co-workers; Damaged  Heroine
Series: Gold Hockey #13
POV:  3rd Person

Scarlett, oh Scarlett, my heart breaks for her and her view of herself. Being raised by terrible people who put her and her brother down at every moment they can. They are no supportive or loving in any way and this has shaped Scar’s outlook on a lot of things and has led her to make some not perfect decisions in life. 

Kaydon has been dealing with Scar running from him for a year now since they met, and he is done letting her do it. Once he gets to her admit that she is afraid and doesn’t hate him, he doesn’t allow her to get away from him. He gives her words, and action, and boosts her up in a way that so few have. He shows her that she has love and support in her work family and they do not look at her in any way except in the best ways.

He brings out the positive and best in her and I think that the way that Scar fights it because she doesn’t feel worthy is done in such a way that it makes sense. And then there is a scene where she is meeting Kaydon’s family and the fact that they to bat for her without question. I adore that and felt like it was a moment that needed to happen and for Scar to see just what love and support she has from those that surround her. This one was a little light on the hockey, but it was weaved in naturally and made sense with the way the story transpires.