Review: My Bare Lady by Piper Sheldon

Rating 4/5
Series: Scored Lady Society Book 1
Type of Series: Series of Standalones
Tropes: close-proximity, damaged-hero, friends-to-lovers, grumpy-sunshine, instant-attraction, mc-club, retelling, small-town-romance, stripper
Pop: 67%

My Bare Lady has been on my TBR for what feels like forever. Piper Sheldon is a new to me author also. 

I am drawn to this story for a couple of reason. I one LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover. I am completely in love with Musical Retellings.  Also, who doesn’t love a stripper romance, it creates tension and angst just in the sheer nature of meeting and the job.  We don’t always get gritter romances in small town and this one was done so well.  You see what is down the alley that the town is trying to hide.

The humor and perspective of this book left me smiling.  The banter was incredibly clever.    Suzie was not an easy character to connect with and at time I struggled with her. I was expecting a lighter more rom/com romance but at times it was heavy and angsty. I was not prepared for the angst, but it did make sense within the margins of this story.  Suzie was one of the characters if I could have reached through the book and shake her I would! She makes poor choice after poor choice. 

Ford was incredibly complex man; his mask was firmly in place at the start of this book. He did not open himself up easily.  But once Ford felt free enough and secure in his love for Suzie does expose his vulnerabilities, demons, and self-doubt to her.

The chemistry in this book was there and it burned.  It felt like a true connection of their souls. They become solid for each other. I loved watching this play out in the story.  I did get a bit frustrated with the miscommunication, but sometimes that comes with romance. 

My Fair Lady is a favorite musical, and I am so pleased with how Piper Sheldon spun this story. It did honor to the basics of the musical, but it felt fresh and insightful.  It gives us the fundamentals of perspective and compassion with out beating us over the head with.  This book cries out that everyone has a story to tell if we just listen.  I am all in in this series and will be back for more!  I absolutely think this is a must read especially if you like a grittier romance.