Review: Cyn and the Peanut Butter Cup by Pru Warren

Rating: 3.5/4
Steam Level: 1 /5
Angst Level: 2/5
Trope: Rom-Com, FBI Agent, slight suspense

This book was a hoot. I found myself laughing through most of the it.

Cyn is kind of a hot mess. But her character is engaging and you will easily come to love her. I had moments of concern of her as Maddie’s caregiver, just because Maddie was a handful! Who knew a little old lady could get into so much trouble.
I did a have a few moment of sympathy for Rhys. He is a nice reminder that everyone is human even if they carry a badge.
Cyn and Rhys are a cute and fun couple. Together they will leave you smiling.

This is a very funny and entertaining Rom-Com. If you enjoy Rom-Com you should absolutely read this.