Review: Stone Cold Notes by Julia Wolf

Rating: 5/5
Series: The Seasons Change
Trope: Rockstar, Virgin Hero, Possessive Alpha Hero, Big city, single mom, pining for her, damaged hero
PoP: 18%

The emotions in this book are phenomenal.  My response in reading this story was so strong.  I love a rockstar romance, but I have never read one like this. This story is sexy. This story is unique.  The characters pull you in and don’t let go.  I am so overwhelmed by the sheer passions of this story I am not sure where to start my review. 

Callum living in the shadow of his own spotlight.  He feels the music to his soul. He is on stage to play his music, but he prefers to live in the shadows.  Callum’s comfort zone is to watch not engage.  On the brink of stardom Callum, who is managing the bands social media receives an email from a fan. They corresponded for almost 18 months until one day it just stops. 

Wren is the girl who has always been the outsider.  She has never felt accepted, she is barely comfortable in her own skin. Her life has not been easy.  On the cusp of starting her life with a new job she is ready to move out to the light and see what it is in the world.   

Honestly, I loved this story so very much!  Wren is so many of us. I felt all her moments of being unsure, her heart ache, her desire to be enough but not sure she is. I really loved how you saw her slow accept the light and the love she was due.  Callum was a little hard to warm up to. His heart and desire were in the right place he just was so intense.  The choices he made and the words he used were powerful and pulled you in his orbit.  Callum is the man so many of us want. The one who sees what you need and just takes care of it.  His intensity and protective nature are a bit over the top, but I really did grow to love him.

I am becoming a huge Julia Wolf fan.  Her emotional rockstar romances have some of the best real body rep in romance. She pulls you into these intense emotional moments and encapsulates you into her stories.  The chemistry in this book is kindle melting. It is incredibly sexy! You feel every look, every desire, and every heartache along with the characters.  I highly recommend Stone Cold Notes.