Rating: 4/5
Steam: 3/5
Trope: single dad, damaged hero, marriage of convivence, fake relationship, grumpy-sunshine, small town romance,
Series: Calamity Montana book #2 (standalone)

The Bluff by Willa Nash

Reece Huxley might be the Grumpiest hero in all of Romancelandia!  Serious dude wears his grumpy like armor.  I feel in love with the mysterious Hux in The Bribe.

The Bluff is the second installment of Willa Nash’s Calamity Montana series.  This is the story of Everly Christian and Reese Huxley. Everly is Calamity’s newest resident, she has followed her best friend after deciding to leave her singing dreams aside and leaving behind the bad experience that happened in The Bribe. At a crossroad in her life and unsure what the future looks like, Everly then she meets Hux. One explosive night led to another and then another. Everly is a completely relatable character.  She just wants someone to love her. She wants a purpose in her world. She isn’t sure what it looks like.  Her world is changing and she isn’t overly close to her parents. 

Hux is only in Calamity for one reason. His daughter.  After 2 years in prison as a young man, now 14 years later he lives on the outskirt just waiting for his moment to be in his daughter, Savannah’s life.  A super bitchy ex-wife has Hux trying to figure out how he can get custody of his 16 yr old daughter.  Hux is an incredible painter who loves his daughter dearly.   

After a meeting with his lawyer in hopes of gaining more time with Savannah, Everly approached Hux with the idea that they get married in hopes it will change his imagine with the judge. 

What to love about this romance? Let’s start with the tropes! I love a marriage of convenience story.  Small town romances have such a great quirk about them. I love how easily and quickly lives in the stories become interconnected.  A grumpy single dad, yes please!  Sassy and loving heroine! Chemistry that almost melts your kindle, YES YES YES!  

This was such a great story. The realization of love was a bit slow for them but it felt natural and relatable. My heart connected right away with Everly.  I especially enjoyed the last third of The Bluff because it was when Hux and Everly’s relationship turned into something more and their emotions got involved 100%.  While we all know I love the sexy parts of this story this was two souls lost in the world finding their missing piece.  I really enjoyed this story.