Review: The Best Man by Andi Burns

Who would have thought that a magical one-night stand could ruin you for all other men and that the man from that magical one-night stand is also your Best Friend’s older brother!

For Molly this is her life.  She has a in impromptu one-night stand in December with a stranger who leave her a note the next morning.  Only to come to realize 3 months later that the one-night stand is her best friend’s brother Everett.  Everett is in town to help celebrate his sisters engagement but due to a is sister’s surprise pregnancy he sticks around to help out.  Everett and Molly are thrown together to help plan the wedding while Elaine is down with extreme morning sickness. 

Molly and Everett are one of the best couples I have read in recent memory.  Their story is their own.  It was not a traditional formulated romance and I loved that about it.   I liked that Molly is a strong independent woman with curves.  I like that she puts herself right in to Everett’s line of site and isn’t ashamed to go for what she wants.  I also liked that their idea of happily ever after isn’t the same as what is traditional.  Because of Molly’s life experiences she doesn’t see herself married.  She is happy to just date and not be serious.  Everett while divorce is not a 100% anti marriage but wants a more committed relationship then to just date casually. Marriage and children aren’t for everyone.  That doesn’t mean that a couple’s love is less or that it doesn’t have value.  We each have our own picture of happiness.  If we are with another human who respects that and is on the same page who are we to define a everyone’s Happily Ever After. 

This was my first-time reading author Andi Burns and it was freaking amazing!  This is book 2 in a series and while there is character cross over this is a unique story of its own and can be read as a standalone.  I will be going back and reading The IT guy, because I love a nerdy love story, but it isn’t necessary to appreciate and read this story. 

This was a 5/5 read for me.  I enjoyed the characters and the interactions between them.  Supporting characters of Nate and some of the other “guys” made for a very enjoyable sometimes funny read.  I am still questioning the Pizza Box tower and the mice! But you will have to read to find out about that yourself!