Review: Hooked on Her

I need to start this review by stating the Stacey Lynn is quickly becoming a favorite author for me.  I love her stories.  I love her characters.  The dialogue she writes flows and is engaging.  There is not forced in her story telling.  There is a natural evolution to how the characters get to their HEA. 

Hooked on her is the 3rd book in the Ice Kind Series, however it can be read completely on its own, but if you even just sort of like the Hockey Romance Genre do yourself a favor and read the other books.  

Tessa and Jason have danced around each other for a decade.  Normally they fight and argue like wet cats.  Tessa is coming of a breakup with a total dbag.  Tessa normal resides in Toronto but is in NC visiting her brother Sawyer and his live in Girlfriend Debbie.  Sawyer is also a hockey player for the Ice Kings and best friends with Jason.  Tessa’s ex has wiped out her savings, taken all her possessions from her apartment as she was leaving for her mini vacation to visit her brother.  Jason has decided he has waited long enough to let Tessa know how he feels. 

Jason’s character is not very smooth.  He does not have the words or the personality to simply woo Tess.  Jason totally keeps sticking his foot in his mouth making it hard for Tessa to accept the idea of them as more than friends.  The evolution of the relationship has its moments of tears and laughter. 

This is a Friend to Lovers Romance, but also Friend’s little sister.  This is a trope that isn’t really my favorite but because I love Stacey, I went in hoping it would be good.  I am so glad I did read it. This was a slow burn romance but once it gets hot, it gets hot.  This was a 5/5 read for me.  I really enjoyed this and highly recommend it.