REVIEW: Forbidden by Karla Sorenson

Rating: 5/5
Steam: 1/5
Angst: 4/5
Trope: age gap; slow burn; small town; sports
Series: Ward Sisters Book 4
POV: DUAL 1st person

Be ready for the slowest of slow burns with this book by Karla Sorenson. If you have read the first three Ward sister books, then I am sure, like me, you have been impatiently waiting for Isabel’s story. And it does not disappoint, Iz and Aiden both have hang-ups because of the way their lives have played out. Isabel is continuously reeling from her mother’s abandonment, and still has a hard time opening up to anyone. Aiden is stuck in a grief cycle after the death of this wife. These two are so utterly frustrating at times because they both know exactly what they want, and who they want it with. However, fear of so many things holds them both at arm’s length. Aiden more so than Iz, because once she makes that initial step over her hill of emotional chaos, she is in, but Aiden still has so many doubts. The push and pull between these two is intense, but worth it. Anya, Aiden’s daughter, is absolutely adorable, and gives you those refreshing breaks when you need them. Of course we get the total Ward package and they are wonderfully supportive and loving as always. This is a family that doesn’t always see eye to eye, doesn’t always get along, but always always supports and loves each other. We also met Aiden’s family, and while there are no plans in the works for Sorenson to write his siblings stories, I would be remiss is saying they are a wonderful addition to this cast of characters. You do NOT need to read any previous books in this series to get the full effect of this book, but honestly why would you not.