Retribution Series by Katie Reus

Rating: 4.5/5
Steam: 3/5
Angst: 3.5/5
Trope: Suspense; contemporary
Series: Retribution Series
POV:  3rd person

I love Katie Reus, but was a little apprehensive about giving this duet a chance because of the “dreamwalker” portion of the book. So while it has been in my kindle and on my TBR I kept putting it off. I should have read it ages ago. I love the dynamic between Nika and Declan. These two balance each other out in a way they never expected. The relationship that she has with her sister Alena is wonderful especially when you read about what the two of them have experienced. There are those push and pull moments that add to the story, and their dream intersections are super steamy. This story includes a little bit of the relationship between Alena and Andre, but it enhances the interactions between Declan and Nika. These four lives are intertwined because of the situation around them. If you love some suspense, and a steamy read.

We also get the conclusion to Alena and Andre’s story with the novella Tempting Danger. Reus moves away from the suspense in this book which is natural because of the way in which Retribution ends. This novella picks up just a couple of months after the conclusion of Retribution. Andre and Alena fell in love in book one, but there is so much hurt between the two of the because of the way their relationship started. You felt for Alena wanting revenge against the people that killed her parents, but at the same time you are angry at her because of the way in which she does it. These two are electric together and feel the loss during their separation. They aren’t without issues and it isn’t all sunshine and roses for the two of them once they come back together. They are able to move past their trust issues, they talk about the past, and where the future is taking them. I was so happy that we got their HEA because they truly deserve it.