Reckless at Heart by Zoe York

Discover the Passion and Risk of Love in ‘Reckless at Heart’ by Zoe York

I had some mixed feelings about the romance between Kerry and Owen. I think it really comes down to the pacing of the book. There was a lot of world building and character connections made. We were not just getting to know Kerry and Owen but also the brothers and roles with in the family and town. I do think there were some moments of crowded pages and I struggled with keeping everyone straight. The second half of this book is where the story really kicks in for me.

am always on the look out for a new small town romance. I was super excited to see that this was not only that but a grumpy sunshine single dad romance.  

If I am being very honest the first half of Kerry and Owen’s romance didn’t completely capture my interest, but the latter half truly hooked me in. 

Owen, a single father who had experienced parenthood at a young age himself, is taken aback when his eighteen-year-old daughter reveals she is pregnant. I admired his honesty in feeling a slight resentment towards welcoming another baby into his life, given that he was already going through a similar situation before. It was genuinely refreshing to witness Owen maintaining an open and mature relationship with his ex-wife. 

During a period of abstaining from dating, Owen’s life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Kerry, the midwife of his daughter. I have a soft spot for hate-to-love scenarios, especially with Owen’s grumpy demeanor. However, I felt that their initial interactions were somewhat rushed or brushed aside. I longed for a stronger connection between them from the start. 

Nevertheless, as their relationship progressed, I found myself enjoying their story. The conflict surrounding this romance, with Owen at 37 and not wanting more children while Kerry desired them, added an intriguing dynamic. I was genuinely eager to see how they would navigate this issue, and I appreciated the way they communicated and resolved it towards the end. 

Additionally, the banter between Owen and his brothers was fantastic! Being the oldest among the five brothers, he exuded a protective nature, and catching a glimpse of their lives (and future stories) was a delight. Overall, this book turned out to be a winner for me, and I eagerly anticipate reading more in the series. 

Book Stats:
Rating: 3.5/5
Series: The Kincaids of Pine Harbour Book 1
Tropes: Miscommunication, Blue Collar, first responder, frenemies to lovers, close proximity, Single dad, single parent, Slow burn, small town,
Third Act Break Up- Yes

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