Dream Maker | Stacey Lynn

To say I was hooked from the first line of this book is not an understatement.  I loved how this prologue pulled me in. You will want to BINGE this book, friends! I knew immediately I knew Joey was going to melt my heart.  And Gabby well, you are going to want to tuck her in and protect her at all costs.
After a night of celebrating a huge win, Gabby and Joey wake up married. And Gabby is his friend and teammate’s little sister.  The pair hardly know each other and Joey, fresh off a divorce, and Gaby has no idea what direction her life is taking her…let’s say the optics are not great for either of them.  After they agree that they need to stay married for the time being.  The pair decide to make the best of it and get to know each other. From the start Joey takes on the supportive and protective role.  Not only with his family, but hers! And It was so amazing to see someone finally stand behind Gabby in full support.  I will say my opinion of Garrett and his mom were a little less than stellar in this book.  I really felt terrible for her, and was cheering Joey on as he frankly lets people know if they can’t respect his wife, they can leave.  Let’s say, her brother wasn’t a huge fan of that. 
While the pair get to know each other on their honeymoon, the sparks FLY.  And wowzer these two have some great chemistry, but also an easiness to their relationship that usually takes years to hone.  But it is obvious to those around them that these two have a very special connection.  They spend time together and work on building a connection and relationship.  They listen to each other and are fully comfortable just being themselves.  And it becomes clear very early on that these two are just what the other needs.  

When decisions need to be made as difficult as it might have been I love how Stacey Lynn allowed for them to grow and trust in the friendship, love and connection that they have. 

Gabby and Joey might have done things a little backwards in some people’s opinions, but their instincts were right one.  These two have an amazing connection, a great friendship, and are so supportive of one another.   I ADORED this book and characters.  This series is quickly making its way to my favorites list!