Only One Love | Natasha Madison

I have been a huge fan of the Stone/Grant family since the first time I picked up a Natasha Madison book.  I BINGED both series in a matter of days. I love how we have been able to watch this family grow and to read about our favorite alpha’s becoming fathers…and how their ladies still have them wrapped around their fingers! To say I was anxiously awaiting Franny to find her match is an understatement.  

Franny accepts her dream job in Texas much to her over protective father, Micheal Grant’s wishes. Franny excels in everything she does but she needs to know that it is her that is successful, not just her last name. She embarks on her new role and works hard to break glass ceilings in the television industry.  She is kicking butt and taking names.  When one segment brings in her one night stand bad boy from months ago she finds she is still drawn to this man.  

Wilson is the bad boy of the Dallas team.  He racks up hard hits, suspensions and is never afraid to drop his gloves. While some may think he is living the playboy the reality is he is lonely.  He knows that Franny is off limits, she is his teammate’s sister, but he cannot stay away from this girl.  He wants more but does Franny want the same thing? 

First off I really wanted to dislike Wilson, but the reality is he is just so lovable.  That is right, lovable.  Wilson is a bit of a loner from the team, and most people don’t know a lot about him.  He doesn’t have the same support from family like so many other players.  From the get go these two cannot keep their hands to themselves.  Their chemistry is off the charts.  But I also love how he keeps pushing for more, this guy is really trying.  These two can be themselves around each other.  Wilson allows himself to be vulnerable, and so does Franny.  They work hard to communicate and build a strong relationship.  But when something works really hard to break them apart, Franny is not willing to give up. There is a scene with Franny, Michael, and Wilson that will warm your heart.  Natasha does such an amazing job of writing the emotion Wilson is trying to convey to Franny.  And in turn others around them can feel the connection and love that surrounds these two.  And with any of Natasha’s books, you get the amazing antis of this large family….and friends Micheal Grant does not disappoint in this book.  If you love yourself some strong alpha males and women that can put them in their place these books are for you.  I am going to go out on a limb and say this is one of the best books in the series, and Franny & Wilson are at the top of my favorite couple list! Wilson will definitely be your next book boyfriend!