I’m Your Guy | Sarina Bowen

Carter Flynn is a little down on his luck.  He is desperately in need of a win in his life.  But he doesn’t let much get him down, he keeps on going.  He is so tenacious and driven.  And never ever loses his sense of humor.  Carter is so kind and sees the good in people.   Tommaso DiCosta might actually be one of the grumpiest grumpy cinnamon rolls I have had the absolute pleasure of reading.  OH MY GOODNESS this man.  I immediately loved him.  And absolutely love that Bowen gifted us with so many of Tommasso’s thoughts.  I wanted to wrap him up in a giant hug and fight anyone that was ever mean to him. 

When Tommaso corners Carter and hires him to decorate his house the banter that ensues was epic!  These two were absolutely hilarious. How Carter baits Tommasso and he keeps falling for it.  These two made me laugh out loud so much throughout the book.  While this book was so funny there were also a lot of emotions.  Both characters have overcome a lot in their past, and that impacts the men that they are today.  Carter worked so hard to break down the walls that Tommaso has around himself….but he does with so much love and care.  Never pushing too hard.  Tommaso on the other hand took care of Carter and  loved him for who he was, not wanting to change him.  

I will be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, so I just dove in head first and was not at all disappointed.  Together these two just work.  They bring out the absolute best in one another.  While I usually like my books on the spicier end, I would say this one is a slow burn.  But it needs to be, and it makes so much sense.  These two have some serious emotional and sexual chemistry but it takes time to build something as beautiful as what they have.  Of course, we got some pretty epic teasers for hopefully the next book in this series, and the Colorado Cougars are the gift that keeps on giving.  If you like a book with plenty of banter, nosey teammates, supportive families, interior design, and hockey this book definitely should be on your list to read this hockey season!  I cannot wait for more from this series!