Watch & Learn | Rebel Shaw

Rebel Shaw has quickly made it to the top of my must read author (duo) list! And of course a football book totally hit the spot!  Their cute meet was perfect, and I literally felt like I was sitting at the bar with the two of them!  Friends, this was not a slow burn.  AT ALL!!!  I am a huge fan of spice and Rebel Shaw delivered on this one.  Nate and Oaklyn are both successful in their own careers, needing a little break from their regular lives and embark on a friends with benefits arrangement.  The pair very quickly become a constant in each other’s lives.  Nate is the alpha hero that we all need! He is total book boyfriend material!  He is giving, has some serious stamina and he is so sweet.  He thinks about Oaklyn and her needs.  He understands how her demanding job can take it out of her, and this man loves to take care of her in all the ways!  Oaklyn has a giant heart of gold and would do anything for those in her care.  She selflessly gives to Nate and offers him the comfort that he isn’t able to get other places, but most of all she sees him for the man he is not the famous quarterback. 
I will say one of the things that I enjoyed about this book is that it is not at all what you are expecting, these two work so hard to find their way to each other, and when I say Nate grovels.  This man works hard for Oaklyn’s love! This man is so in love with Oaklyn and he is not afraid to let anyone know it.  I absolutely fell in love with their best friends and I tried not to get my hopes up about meeting them again!  If you love a couple that can’t keep their hands to themselves, fun banter, a mature relationship, and a hard earned HEA this book should be on your Kindle.  

* I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 


Rating: 3.75 Stars
POV: First Person Dual POV
POP: 8%

Type of Series: Stand alone
Tropes: Friends with benefits, sports romance, football romance, steamy Release Date: 10/10/23
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