Dirty Dare | Mira Lynn Kelly

Trevor just wrapped up a season with the Chicago Slayers, and thought life couldn’t be better…..then his boyfriend ends their super secret relationship.  Packing up his broken heart he heads for his hometown.  First off, I love how Mira Lynn described this lovely little lakeside town.  Which by the way reminds me so much of quiet little sleepy lakeside towns in Minnesota!
Cam thought that Trevor was just part of his past, but when he blows into town he is sort of thrown for a loop! He has always had a thing for Trevor, but his life is in his quiet little hometown.  Cam tries to stick to his plan but of course that doesn’t work as Trevor seems to always be there.  I love how this novella progressed.  It is clear that the pair had some shared history, but both have grown and changed in the years that they’ve been apart.  This pair have an amazing spark, and it is a miracle they could keep their hands off one another for a second when they are together.  The best way that I can describe Cam and Trevor is they are both sweet gooey cinnamon roll characters that are not afraid of emotions…and with a little encouragement they share those emotions.  I loved Cam and Trevor and hope that we get to see more and more of them in the future because they are so amazing!   This novella is a perfect glimpse into Mira Lynn Kelly’s hockey romance series. This book is full heart and needs to be on your Kindle ASAP!