Crying Shame | Rebel Shaw

After I devoured the first book by this author duo I knew their books would be immediate must reads for me.  Sometimes second or third books in a series might not be as great, but I will say that this is NOT the case with this book.  WOW. To start I loved the characters.  I am a total sucker for a brother’s best friend/ best friend’s little sister.  But when he is also a playboy that doesn’t do strings.  SIGN me up! 

Graham is the local pharmacist that is a total workaholic and avoids relationships. My initial feelings towards Graham were not all that positive because he seemed like a cold emotionally distant guy.  But then as he interacted with his friends and family you really got to see the genuine, caring, protective, and loving man that he really truly is.  I really appreciated his friendship with Adam.  It was very clear from the start that these two had a solid friendship and they were very close.  When he didn’t hesitate to jump in and help when Addyson, Adam’s little sister needed help it definitely showed his protective caring side.  

Addyson, single mom of a sweet little boy, Noah and elementary teacher at the local school finds herself in a pickle with her current living situation, and Graham steps in to help Addyson and her son, Noah.  Addyson is just so sweet. She is the perfect elementary teacher with a genuine kindness that pours out of her.  She is so selfless, and hasn’t had anyone to take care of her and support her out of affection for her.  And for that reason she is so hesitant to believe in the connection and relationship she and Graham have.  I totally understood where she is coming from, she is a busy mom working full time and puts her son’s needs before her own.  

Graham and Addyson have spent years together as friends, and even though Addyson may have longed for more it is evident that they know each other.  When Graham starts to see Addyson for the woman she is, I was jumping up and down giddy with excitement.  But these two were just so mature and thought through things.  I LOVE LOVE this.  And they put Noah’s needs first.  Often in books with children they are forgotten or put on the back burner, but not this book.  He was intertwined with this book so extraordinarily well.  Graham and Addyson worked on their relationship and allowed it the time it needed to grow and evolve.  This book was so full of emotion and so well written I could not put it down.  If you are looking for a book full of amazing characters, lots of heart and a beautiful HEA this book is a must read!