Review: The Nanny and the Nerd by Krista Sandor

Rating: 4/5
angst: 3/5
Trope: damaged hero, slow burn, nanny trope, billionaire romance, grumpy-sunshine, rom-com, close proximity,
steam: 4/5

This was such a fun and tropey read.  One of my most favorite tropes is the Nanny trope.  This one did not disappoint at all.  This was a creative and fun way to do the nerdy gamer trope also.

I am simply in love with Penelope or Penny.  She is chaotic and free spirited. She is not living a glamourous life in the beginning. But she is living life the way she wants too. She is struggling but it isn’t for lack of direction or drive.  Penny could be any of us as she struggles with self-doubt.  I really wanted her to stand up for herself more.  She is so caught up in others expectations and external praise that she loses a bit of who she is. 

The award for the grumpiest and most rigid leading man goes to Rowen.  He is in no way Prince Charming.  In total nerd fashion he brings all the steam and sexy with him. You better believe nerds make the sexiest of boyfriends. But when you bring his niece, and his “not friends” guy friends to the mix you are totally hooked into this story.  And Rowen just broke my heart. He had so much love to give and was so terrified of giving it that he instead he put up every wall and roadblock he could to protect himself.   The challenge of freezing out others from his emotions in order to safe guard his heart brings lots of feels to the story. 

Rowen’s niece, Phoebe is as much a main character in this story as Penny and Rowen. She is smart, sassy, precocious, just what you expect from the Rom-com genre.  She brings an air of lightheartedness to some intense emotional situations. 

The chemistry between Penny and Rowen is electric and super good. So many hilarious moments had my laughing so hard but there were also some very charming moments with just the right amount of spice. This story has the impeccable balance of feelings, wit, and the perfect way to bring out the best in both Rowen and Penny.

This was a quick and easy read that will leaving you with a smile on your face and anxious for the next book. It is one of those books that is the perfect rom-com to bring you out of any reading slump. If you are someone who doesn’t take yourself seriously and like a bit of sexy to their stories this is 100% the b0ok for you. 

This was my first time reading the author and I absolutely will be back for more.  I would totally recommend this book for anyone looking for something entertaining and flirty.