Review: Trusted and True by Rhenna Morgan

Rating: 5/5
Series: Men of Haven Book#7
Type of Series: Interconnected Standalone
Tropes: Redemption, found family,
Pop: 70%
CW: deals with addition

Do you ever read a book and when you are finish you feel like that story will not be  a part of your soul? This was the case with Trusted and True by Rhenna Morgan.  The author took a character that early in the series was a trash person. Someone so selfish and consumed with in her own addiction that they did not see or care for anyone around them even the people helping them.  If you had asked me when I first read this series if I would ever be cheering for Callie Moore to get her HEA I would have laughed at you. 
BUT gosh am I cheering! I am completely on #TEAMCallie now! 

Callie Moore made some pretty selfish choices in her life while battling and living in her addition.  She has used everyone that even gave her an ounce of care But hitting rock bottom gives her the incentive to make the changes she needs to.  Callie is back in Dallas trying to start over and makes amends.  A chance meeting puts her in the path of one of the few people who tired to help her in the past, Danny Parker.

Danny is the kind of guy who just wants to help. He is really a good guy but he has seen the way that drugs and addiction can effect those you love. Giving Callie a chance is a risk but Danny is drawn to her. Danny is not a perfect hero. He has some missteps along the way but in the end, he fights for her. He is a solid force supporting her.  He also believes she is trying to be better and work her program. He sees the changes in her. 

I loved that Callie had really healed before connecting to Danny.  That she had the power on her own to get better and move her life in the direction she wanted.  This story was powerful and real.  I feel like their connection, the chemistry between them for so far deeper than just sexual attraction. It was if their souls really need to be together to full heal. 

I could go on and on about how amazing this story is but I want everyone to read it. I want everyone to go deep dive in the Rhenna’s back list. To meet this amazing found family she has created. The dynamics and love that is in this group are perfect. These books can be read as a standalone but honestly you should READ them all!  Did I mention you should read this book?  Read all the book?  If I could I would give this book a 1000/5 star rating!