The Detective by Anna Hackett

Series: Norcross Security book 7
POV: Dual 3rd Person
Trope: Man in Uniform; Protector; Instant Connection; heroine on the run; hidden identity; slow burn
PoP: 55%
Rate: 5/5 Stars
Release Date: March 1st, 2022

Anna Hackett continues to give us strong female heroines with alpha heroes who recognize that strength. There are always instantaneous and intense connections of two characters whose personalities blend seamlessly together. Where one is strong the other may be weak. But those weaknesses are never used against them. Savannah is running from her last, and Hunter is the man to help her be free from it. I have a special kinship with Savannah being an artist myself and I love the way in which Hackett develops and enhances the story with her art. Hunt is a man that we have seen throughout the entire Norcross series and I for one was extremely excited that she was giving us the Morgan brothers. 

Hackett blends suspense and romance perfectly through this series. And one thing I enjoy is while the characters continue to show up, you don’t need to read their stories to know them. And that when a past character shows up on page, they are steadfast in their identity from previous books. I am excited to see where this series goes, and we get little snippets of other characters from future series as well. If you have yet to give Hackett a try, you need to do so now.