Only One Love by Natasha Madison

Series: Only One #7
POV: Dual 1st Person
Trope: One Night Stand; Hockey; Bad Boy; Teammate’s sister
PoP: 29% (in flashback)
Rate: 5/5 Stars
Release Date: March 1st, 2022

It has been done…while Wilson does not top Cooper Grant as my top Natasha Madison hockey book boyfriend, he drops right into the number 2 category usurping Manning Stevenson from his reign.  Brad Wilson is a guy who you aren’t quite sure if you are going to like based on what you see in the previous books.  But he is so much more.  Franny Grant, Cooper’s younger sister, is a strong and independent woman who loves wholly, but is desperately afraid of being in a relationship.  Her and Wilson have a one-night stand and go their separate ways.  Both used to casual encounters, but there was something about this one that stuck with them.  The chemistry between these two.  They had to work at their relationship, there are ups and downs.  Truths and complications that comes with navigating something that neither one of them saw coming or really know what to do with.

Franny gets scared, because she has never had these types of feelings, and there are moments that you want to scream because in almost all aspects of her life she has strength.  But this is where she has insecurities.  She has been pretty set in her lifestyle and is working her way to a career that she wants.  She is dealing with issues with her father because of some choices that she made but continues to move forward with them.

One thing that I really enjoy about these characters, once they get their roadblocks out of the way, is the way in which they support each other without thought or question.  Also, when the part that I have been anxiously waiting since the epilogue of Only One Mistake comes into play, the way in which Franny doesn’t allow Wilson to push her away is perfect/

Wilson himself struggles with his past, but one thing that you know with this hockey family, is they will enfold those they love entirely.  These two are perfect for each other, and I don’t think that this book could have been any better.