Sapphire Sunset | C. Travis Rice

When I read the blurb for this book I knew I had to give it a try.  I am always looking for new authors to love and support! This book checked off some of my favorite tropes, second chance, MM, and romantic suspense…it also helps that this book is set in paradise! 

Connor’s family owns a beautiful luxury resort in sunny San Diego.  Logan leaves his role in the Marines to care for his father, and begins a new role as security for the luxury resort. Logan and Connor’s first interaction there is undeniable to chemistry and the draw to one another is palpable.  When misunderstanding and family pull the pair apart they go about their lives.  Living but not really enjoying life.  When a scandal ensues at the resort they are brought back together and must work together to keep the place Logan grew to love and everything Connor’s family has worked for operating when sparks begin to fly once again for the couple.  

Logan and Connor each have their own hang ups about themselves, and what being gay looks like for them.  For Logan isn’t as obvious to the outside world and that allows him a level of protection.  Connor on the other hand is someone that people assume is gay given the way he is built, desses, and how he sounds.  It was very eye opening to me the judgements that people pass.  

Rice did a phenomenal job introducing us to the characters, I really felt like I knew both Logan and Connor.  He also built a beautiful world and support system for this pair.  I appreciated the diverse group the pair had supporting them both as a couple but also individually.  This mixture of found family and family made this book as lovely as it was.  I also appreciated that Rice did not shy away from hard topics that the LGBTQ community encountered on a regular basis.  It really made me think about the words that people choose and how they think about people in a marginalized group.  Connor and Logan have a beautiful love that is hard fought 

There were parts of the book that felt a little slow, and I needed the pace to move a little quicker.  But that might be my reading style.  This is not a short read, but one that you enjoy for several reading sessions.  Overall a beautiful debut novel for this new pen name.  If you enjoy a found family, a little angst and suspense.  Sassy parents, and some serious chemistry with your couples then I highly recommend this book!