Made for You | Natasha Madison

Those of us long time fans of Natasha’s have long been waiting for Vivienne to finally find her person.  And the teaser in Made for Me was seriously amazing.  Really all it took was for me to read the words, Vivienne and boat and I was immediately in.  IMMEDIATELY.  It also made me realize we didn’t know much about Vivienne, especially for being in so many of her siblings and cousins books.  She is the friend that is there, but never really tells us much about herself.  And friends, I am so happy she guarded herself, because she is so lovely.  Vivienne wanted something, made it happen, and got herself a boat (errrr….I mean yacht!)  to live on for the summer.  From the start it was clear that Vivienne is driven and doesn’t let much stop her.  And when she meets the man docked next to her she is so intrigued.  

To say Xavier is closed off to the world is a giant understatement, but for good reason.  It seemed that the world turned their back on him when he needed them the most.  After leaving hockey he sort of goes into hiding.  While Xavier might have a small circle of people that he cares about, let tell you this man is loyal but keeps himself guarded to protect himself.  You will fall head over heels for this man in a matter of moments, he is really that great.  

One of Natasha’s true gifts is she can write an amazing side character, and friends buckle up because Beatrice STEALS the show.  She is the absolute best and will instantly become your favorite.  I adored how the relationship between her and Xavier was written.  The “dialogue” and rules they have made me laugh every.single.time it was brought up on page. I may have said this a time or two, but this book is probably my favorite Natasha Madison book to date.  It has the perfect balance of giving us a beautiful book about two people finding their person, and giving us more of the Grant/Stone/Horton families that we all love.  If you love a family series filled with overprotective fathers, brothers, and uncles along with strong women that put them in their place this book should definitely be on your TBR list.