It is in the Kiss- Update

Back in 2020 I wrote a piece for the blog all about the power of a kiss in a romance novel. I thought it was maybe time I updated some of my favorite kisses. You can go back and read my original post here.

Can a kiss be just as steamy as POP? What do you expected from a kiss? Do you have a favorite kiss of romance?

In my previous post I share two of my favorite kisses from romance. The power they had on the story and what I enjoyed about them. The expectation that one kiss can create within a story.

I don’t think a kiss is ever just a kiss.

A kiss can set the mood. The mere thought of a kiss can create tension and lead to chemistry.

I started thinking about the intensity there can be in a kiss.  The mere brushing of fingers across someone’s cheek while whispering in their ear. The intensity of feelings, engaging of the senses more than just with touch.  A kiss has the power to bring someone to their knees.  There are lots of authors that do this well.

Author Layla Hagen knows how to make a kiss more than just a kiss. In her Book Meant for You she features a kiss between hero Will Connor and heroine Paige Lamonica 

A Kiss that shows the tempting nature of movement when near someone you are attracted to.  It share the power of that connection as you are drawn into their sphere. The simple act of dancing in the kitchen can lead to this undeniable desire.

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Helena Hunting’s A Favor for a Favor has a scene where the heroine Stevie can only think about how much she wants Bishop to kiss her. She talks about her desire for him to tip her chin and kiss her.  This is a great scene the shows the longing to be touched and kissed by someone. This is a couple that has such an intense connection that even thinking about a kiss can bring all the feels.

Hiding in the Smoke by Ofelia Martinez might have one of the sexiest kisses in all of romance. 

The scene between hero Bren and Sofia starts in her bar after closing time.  Bren has returned to the bar to apologize and to purse his attraction to Sofia.  These two characters have this amazing chemistry sparks and flies off the page whenever they are together. There is so much lead up to the two of them finally taken what they desire the most. The play of the desire through small gestures leads to an explosive tequila ladened kiss.

Major Misconduct by Kelly Jamieson show the pure torture that can happen when you desire to kiss someone but aren’t able to make it happen. In this scene hero Marc Dupre is unable to purse heroine Lovey Armstrong, his teammate and best friend’s little sister.  Lovey is a master of flirting and is relentless in her desire to purse Marc. This moment between them Marc is imagining the moment he can finally get his lips on Lovey.

I love a great kiss. If you have a book you would like to recommend I read with a dynamic kiss let me know!