Book Slumps and How I Get Past Them

BOOK SLUMP… two of the most dreaded words int he reading world but two words that every reader has experienced. Currently, on the podcast, Becky and I are din gin the world of the Perfect Gentelman by Lexi Blake and Shayla Black. I am loving this series, but as a binge reader it has been extremely hard to hold off on reading it. Check out this events page to see how we are breaking down this series. But having the set-up the way in which we do is creating a book slump for me. But a big part of it is the fact that there are so many working parts and overarching moments in these books that my mind doesn’t want to shut down with the conspiracy theories.

How do you deal with a book slump?

Here is how I try and get out of one. I either re-read past books that I have loved, or I read a lot of dirty novellas. There is something about comfort reading a book that I have read before creates a calmness in my mind that allows me to pull back from the slump. Short and dirty novellas often do the trick because they are quick reads that don’t take a lot of headspace for me. Sometimes this works, but not always. Right now with the way in which we are doing this Quick Shot of Romance series, it isn’t working but we are on the tail end of reading and recording.

The Real Frustrations of the Book Slump

Honestly, there have been a couple of book that released recently that I have been looking forward to for MONTHS. But with my mental headspace, I can’t get into them. So unfortunately as much as I want to dedicated time to them, I put them to the side.

Sometimes books that I need read during a slump because I have an ARC copy don’t hit the right way, and then I rate the review lower. Which has honestly led me to taking less ARCs because I want to give true and honest reviews, not ones that are beholden to “slump brain”

Books slumps are real. Book slumps can last a long time. Just know, if you are in slump mode… you are not always alone!

Check out some of the re-reads and novellas that I have been hitting up during this slump.