It is in the Kiss!

Recently an author posed a question about sex scenes.  She was writing a novella, which by nature is a shorter book.  She asked would you rather have 2 large sex scenes or 3 smaller ones. 

The more I thought about this, the more I realized you can convey a lot in a kiss!

I don’t always need long drawn out sex scenes.  A good make out scene.  The soft gentle touches. An all-encompassing kiss.  All these things can convey all the passion and desire if done correctly that a sex scene can.  In my opinion sometimes more. 

I started thinking about the intensity there can be in a kiss.  That just the brushing of fingers across someone’s cheek while whispering across their cheek. The intensity of feelings, engaging the senses more than just touch.  A kiss has the power to bring someone to their knees.  There are lots of authors that do this well.

A Few of my recent favorites have both been in Hockey Romances.  The first one is from Dirty Rebound by Mira Lyn Kelly.  Rux and Cammy are friends and in all the years they have known each other they haven’t cross that line. That is until Cammy has a random siting of a guy who recently broke up with her and told she was pathetic. In steps Rux and gives her one of the most toe curling almost kisses I have every read.  All of their kissing in the book is HOT, like steam coming off the pages hot.  It is by far better then some sex scenes.

Next up is Only One Kiss by Natasha Madison.  Right there in the name it tells you there is going to be some intense kissing and boy does it deliver! The heat of Ralph and Candace and their first kiss was everything. I really didn’t need anymore.  It was totally the big swoon worthy kiss.  Ralph even tells Candace that Kissing her is “the air his lungs need to breath”. 

It is these moments when you are just putty in the author’s hands.  When there is a big romantic moment that doesn’t have to be the actual physical act of sex.  It can be the intensity of a kiss that creates the desire and the build up of their passion that helps you realizes and feel their attraction to each other.  The more I thought about it if there are some good make out scenes.  Some intense foreplay I am ok if there are smaller sex scenes or even closed-door romance.