Drinks with the Bees, Quick Shot of Romance: Grave

On Today’s Quick Shot of Romance We are reviewing Grave by Shantel Tessier  it is Book two in the Dark King Series.  

Synopsis: https://bit.ly/31KaRFp

Release Date: August 31, 2020

Trope: Instant love, love at first sight, playboy, antihero romance

Trigger Warnings for this:  violence , drug use, suicide attemtp, murder

Thoughts on Grave: 

  • Grave is a man running from so many demons. 
  • MMA fighting
  • Drag Racing
  • Drugs
  • sex with Lucy 
  • His fellow Kings can not seem to help him or give him a reason to let his demons go. 
  • Mommy Issues/Daddy Issues
  • April has the care of her teen age brother since the death of her Mother along with trying to keep open her mother’s beloved Flower Shop, Roses
  • April’s brother has gotten himself in debit to the wrong people
  • The intensity of this story is what I have come to expect from Tessier.  She writes a very angsty love story.  

Ending (Spoilers): it is never clear from the beginning how they will reach their HEA

Rating:  Thumbs up? Thumbs Down? THumbs sideways? Stars?  Levels of drinks

Brittni’s Rating: This was a well drink. Not something to read again but worth the read the first time. (3.5 Stars)

Becky’s Rating: This is a Whiskey maybe a cheaper one like Jack or Wild Turkey. (4 Stars)

1 star- Beer (good ole Natty lite)

2 star- What’s on special… give me what you got available

3 star- Well drink

4 star- Whiskey (smooth, get what you need out of it, and be done)

5 star- it’s a champagne night

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