Kiss the Stars by AL Jackson

A Rockstar romance like no other.  This uniquely written story was very good.  Once you started it was very hard to put it down. 

Leif, drummer for an upcoming Country music band.  He is a mand shrouded in darkness.  There is an edge to his.  You know that his wounds run deep.  He is running from his past but also from the future.  Leif is a man who has a protective instinct but thinks that he can protect by not getting to close to anyone. 

Mia, the sister of a world-famous Rockstar.  She is also running from her emotions, but also running towards safety and stability for her family.  She is a single mom with a young daughter of 11 and a 2-year-old son.  She has been the victim of a violent crime, losing her best friend during a armed robbery.  But there is something personal about these crimes.  Mia leaves LA with her children and joins her brother for a summer in Savannah.

This was my first book by AL Jackson and I really enjoyed it.  I would say this is a darker romance.  But the authors writing style it is more alluded too than blatantly stated.  The writing in the book is very good.  It was intriguing to me.  It is like nothing I have ever read before.  It was written in an almost poetic styling.  I would say it almost feels like a sonnet or Alliterations. 

This was a 5/5 read for me.  I will be diving in to book two of the series.