Fake Start by Jasmin Miller

Daisy, fresh off a divorce with two young boys, is doing the best she can to provide a stable home and work; she has little time for a social life much less dating. Her brother and his friend group steps in and helps Daisy, providing her with a social life and positive role models for her boys.  In this process she becomes close with her brother’s friend, Hunter.  Hunter is a gold medal Olympic swimmer. He has had a dream to be a spokesman for a swim brand almost his whole life.  On the cusp of a deal he needs Daisy’s help….the pair attend a gala where Hunter gets a good look at Daisy.  The real Daisy.  Not the mom or nurse Daisy, but the woman.  The sparks FLY! And when the pair finally give into their desires it is SO SO HOT! 

I loved the ease that the pair had when they were together, it was clear that they fit together and complement each other.  Hunter encouraged Daisy, supported her not only with his words but his actions.  Daisy pushed Hunter when he needed it, but was also his quiet support in others.  And the way Hunter was with Daisy’s boys made my heart melt.  There was admiration on both sides and it was so adorable!  Both had things in their past that they needed to work through together, but in the end it was all so worth it! I went in thinking this was a fake relationship but it is more of a friends to lovers romance….and I was not disappointed. Miller does a fantastic job of introducing the characters and giving us little snippets into their past. Not only is Hunter and Daisy’s relationship sweet, but it is super hot and spicy! 

I have loved all of the books in this series, and recommend them to everyone that will listen! If you have not read this series or any of Jasmin’s books they should definitely be on your short TBR list! I am looking forward to what Jasmin has coming up next!