Ep 124: 2022 Girl Crush Tour

On this Episode of Buzzing about Romance we are hosting our first ever  Girl Crush Tour.  The Girl Crush Tour Kicks off with a list of our Ultimate Book Girlfriends or Besties.  For this year we include overall our book besties from any books we have read. Starting next year it will just be books from the last 2 years.  

Please Note – this is the partner episode to our I  Licked Him First Book Boyfriend Tour.   Listen Here

Characteristics/ qualities of a Book Girlfriend/Bestie  
Can you love a heroine and they not make the book bestie title?  

We  will be providing you with our Top 7  Ultimate Book Girl Crushes. 
The Community has also voted and picked their Ultimate Girl Crush  and we will share that also.  

Find complete list here: https://bookcaseandcoffee.com/girlcrush2022

Buy The 2022 Girl Crush Tour Shirt here: https://buzzing-about-romance.creator-spring.com

Book of the Week:   

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Celebrating One Year in the Hive – Ofelia.  
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Cleat the TBR Challenge starts on 10/24.  In honor of the last few weeks of 2022 we are working hard to clear some books that have been on our shelves for too long.  There are multiple ways to work your way through this challenge. This Event runs from October 24th- December 31st. We have several group reads planned along with working on your goal you would like to read before the end of 2022.  You can find details at https://bookcaseandcoffee.com/2022clearthetbr/ 

Clear the TBR- Next Group Read is The Baby Proposition by Kim Loraine on Nov 9th in Discord. You can find details on our website  

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