Ep 82: One Click Criteria

On this Episode of Buzzing about Romance we are going to discuss the One Click Author concept.  What makes an author a one click author and all that goes into it.  Joining us to do just that are Podcast Contributor Rachel and making her debut Podcast Appearance is new Bookcase and Coffee Blogger Jenni…  

What does One Click Author Mean:   

One Click author is an author that without needing to read a blurb, check out the cover, or read reviews to see what others have to say you buy the book in 1 click. Typically brilliant writers who deliver original, interesting and entertaining books every single time. 

Book of the Week:   


Next Up: On the next episode of Buzzing about Romance we are chatting with author Mariah Ankenman.  Mariah has been very open to the challenges she faces while being a writer with dyslexia and other executive function disorder. We are also going to chat about her upcoming release The Dating Dilemma  book 2 in the Mile High Firefighter Series.   

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