Ep 104: Slumping through the DNF

On this episode of the podcast we are going to talk about Not Finishing books, known as  DNFing and also the Reading slump and the ideas that go with that. Joining us for this Episode is podcast contributor Heather.

Topics and discussions in this episode

Did not Finish – for the purpose of this episode we will use the term DNFing.   

How often do you DNF a book ?
How much time do you give a book before you DNF it  ?
Do you review a book you DNF   ?
Sometimes it is a trigger that has you DNFing a book… how do you handle this?  
How many times do you try an author before you decide their books aren’t for you?

Reading Slump 

What a reading slump is….  
How can reading Slump affect your thoughts or interpretation of a book?  IF you are in a slump and dnf’d a book will you go back and try the book again when you are not slumping  

Book of the Week:

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Next Up: Author Spotlight on author friends, co-writers and podcasters Misty Walker and K Webster.   

Special Show Entry:

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Tell us what is Heather’s Day Job

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