Review: Hold Me Forever by Layla Hagen

Rating: 4/5
Series: Maxwell Family Book 2
Tropes: Family Series, Hockey Player, Close Proximity, Instant connection, billionaire romance, Opposites attract
PoP: 39%

Tyler Maxwell is a bit of a wild card in his family. A viral video of an off the ice fight plus his injury leave Tyler in a bit of Limbo. Tyler Maxwell is forced by his management to clean up his image.  He is assigned to volunteer his time coaching underprivileged kids at the Chicago Sports Centre. Tyler is very dedicated to two things in his life, his family, and his hockey career.  While volunteering he discovers something unexpected…  Volunteer coordinator Kendra Douglas is everything Tyler isn’t.  An instant attraction and connection have Tyler finding any way he can to spend time with her.

I really liked Kendra. She was smart and thoughtful. Her life has not been the easiest and she has learned to survive on her own with her younger sister as her only support. She is a quintessential caregiver. Her love language is that of a giver. Even though she is use to being the caregiver she did accept Tyler’s help and presence in her life.  Even though their backgrounds are very different she never felt unworthy of his attention or attraction.

Hold Me Forever is a very composed love story.  At times there was an eloquence to their attraction. Tyler was absolutely the one who pursues in this relationship, but Kendra is not steam rolled. Because of her background and not sure how to navigate the chaos of Tyler’s stardom she at times has a stiffness about her.  I loved that she made him work for their time together.

If you are looking for a romance that is low angst and a comfort read, you should absolutely pick up Hold Me Forever. It was sexy and romantic with a intricacy that will leave you with the perfect HEA.