Review: Crazy to Love You by J Saman

Rating: 4/5
Steam: 3/5
Tropes: Instant Connection, Rockstar Romance, Close Proximity, Slow Burn,
Series: Book 3 of Wild to Love series of Standalone
TW/CW: Drug Use, Miscarriage, possible assault,

I first discovered this author from a tiktok rec.  I love a good rockstar romance, so I dove in. 
I wasn’t sure about Gus. We meet him in his brother Jasper’s books.  But boy does this story change your mind about him. He has a big swoony heart. He his easy with a smile and does everything a 100%. I mean I am pretty sure Gus is now a #1 Book boyfriend for sure.  It is also a super sexy Romance! 

Gus is moving on from his obsession and first love Viola. He has accepted that Vi belongs with his brother Jasper. Gus is a playboy.  Never tying himself to one person after he cheats and breaks up with Vi, 7 years previously.  From his brother books you think that everything with Gus is going to be surface level at best. You see small glimpses of who he possible can be but, I was completely won over by this amazing man in the first couple of pages of this book. He feels like almost a new man.  This is not the same man that we met before: this is a man who hides his pain and insecurities behind his bright smile, and just wants to find his epic, true love. He has the biggest heart. He is thoughtful with his words and feelings. You realize his previous behaviors were a mask, so his heart was guarded. When Gus loves, he loves hard. Gus is just absolutely everything you want in a man!!

“You are the breath in my lungs and the beat of my heart.” ~ Gus

Naomi is determined to never fall in love, especially with another musician after her heart and her entire world was shattered by a man who promised to love her until the end of time. She’s not really living, but she’s getting through each day the best way she can. She’s this amazing singer who has been in music industry her entire life, but ever since her heartbreak she hasn’t been in the spotlight. But Gus brings her an opportunity to return to the spotlight to shed her heartbreak in the form of the duet.  She’s determined to say no, but as soon as they met, the chemistry between them was undeniable.  When they sing together all else falls away. You just know these two are meant to be and it is going to be epic.  But her stupid ex just needs to stay gone!!  UGH!

“I look into this mans eyes and I see a love that has no limits and does not surrender to time. It’s the love I’ve been searching for my entire life. The one that grounds me. Makes me feel whole and connected and complete.” ~ Naomi

The twist of this book was unexpected, but it is one of those that was phenomenal and will have you glued to your kindle.   The last few chapters will leave you simple emotionally wrecked.

I really enjoyed this complete story I had a few things with in the story that bugged me. I wanted a little bit more of their musical journey and flirting but over all that is me just being picky. 

This author is quickly becoming a favorite. With her flawed characters, strong woman and relatable emotions.  Book boyfriends that you will fall in love with from the very first page. This is only the third book of hers I’ve read and I can already tell you that she’s one of my absolute favorite authors.

This is an absolute MUST read series and author!