EP 169: Booking to Signings & Conventions

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance Jenni, Heather join Becky to talk about Book Signings.  Some of our experiences.  What we like and don’t like about them. Must haves items.  Things to think about before going to a book event.

Topics we cover

Difference between a Signing and Convention 


  • Signing you are going for certain authors  
  • Not as much community building  
  • Signing is more transactional  
  • Explained as a craft fair for books  


  • Panels  
  • Built in gathering times-  
  • Cocktail parties  
  • Meet and Greets  
  • More than a signing  

Book Store Signing  

  • Large Ones  
  • Regional ones  

Book of the Week:

September Swag Pack Authors – Newest Releases
Sponsoring authors Renee Rose, Melanie Moreland, Kelly Elliott and Helena Hunting. 

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