Doctor Untouchable by J. Saman

POV: Dual 1st Person
PoP: 53% 
Rating: 3/5 
Series: Boston Billionaire Bachelors Series #5
Series Type: Series of Standalones 
Tropes: Age Gap, Family Series, Billionaire, Enemies to Lovers

This is the final book in the Boston Billionaire Bachelors series, and the author saved Kaplan for last.  We have met him through the series, and he has been kind of an enigma.  He has been there, but not, and has had some not so good moments.  When you learn about his past, you can understand where he was coming from with his actions, but they are still frustrating.

Let’s talk about Bianca.  We first meet her, and she is a hot mess of chaos.  She runs out of her wedding because it is a disaster on so many levels.  I adored Bianca.  She has a strength and self-confidence that you aren’t expecting.  There are so many insights into her upbringing and the way in which she has been treated in the past that you wonder how she is so grounded and self-aware.  She is unapologetically herself and unwilling to bend any longer to those around her.  She is unwilling to compromise what she believes she needs and wants.  Even when she is butting heads with Kaplan she doesn’t allow his brashness and overall negativity to her being in his space affect her.  She moves forward and refuses to let his treatment of her bring her down.

Kaplan is the one brother that I have been looking forward to the most, but ultimately, I was left let down.  There were so many directions that J. Saman could have taken this story and I am disappointed I didn’t get more.  I feel as though Kaplan was kind of a jerk to everyone around him save a couple of people and never really deviated this behavior.  His treatment of Bianca when they come face to face at the foundation was unneeded and he was mean for mean sake.  Even when he starts to soften towards her, there were moments that I didn’t believe that softness until almost the end of the book.

Kaplan’s past… I wanted so much more about this. We got the cliff’s notes versions, and I really wanted more.  Bianca laid herself out for the most part and we got bits and pieces of him.  She grew in her strength and knowledge while Kaplan stays stoic and steady without a lot of growth.

That being said… this was a good read… Bianca, as well as the rest of the Abbot-Fritz family, really carried the whole of this book, and while I love this family. I needed more from the hero.  I also wanted more about Octavia.  If you read the previous book, there was a defining moment that is tied into her health, and we get basically a throwaway comment about her being clear and then nothing else.

I have loved this series, and I am sad to see it go, and especially sad that it ended on this note.