Review: Until Easton by Sandy Alvarez and  Crystal Daniels

Rating: 4/5
Series: Happily Ever Alpha World
Trope: Instant connection; Spin-off; Small Town; Rockstar, close proximity
PoP: 44%
CW: Stalker

Sandy Alvarez and Crystal Daniels are new to me authors but there was something about this blurb that called to me.  Until Easton is pretty close to a perfect romance. Main characters Easton and Becca are terrific!

Easton, the rockstar, is exhausted coming off his latest tour.  He also has a bit of a stalker situation that has escalated from annoying to dangerous. To reset Easton heads to Connelly Ranch. The Ranch is a small piece of paradise run by Becca and her aging grandfather.

Becca has so many plates up in the air.  She is doing everything she can to keep the ranch running but is finding she lacks the energy to keep up.  

My only complaint in the story is around the stalker story line. It just has a few elements that I did not love and wanted them to be done a little bit better. 

An Instalove romance that gives the “BOOM” a whole new feel.  These two are dealing with so much and add the quickness of their romance and it leads to all sorts of feelings.  Each situation in this book is dealt with so well. They are given the proper respect and validation that is needed. Becca and Easton are simply amazing characters that transport you. This was book that was impossible to put down once I started it!  Easton is a sexy alpha male rockstar and Becca, a feisty independent fiery redhead. Add in some of the best romantic steam I have read in a minute, and you cannot help but love this story!  Until Easton was so good, and I was not ready for this story to end!