Until Easton by Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels

Rate: 4 Stars
PoP: 44%
Trope: Instant connection; Spin-off; Small Town; Rockstar
Series: Happily Ever Alpha World
POV: Dual 1st person

I haven’t read Sandy Alvarez and Crystal Daniels before but after reading this addition to the Happily Ever Alpha World, I will be gladly going down the rabbit hole of their backlist.

Easton has a stalker, and in an effort to flush them out he hides out in a small town.  Jax Mayson is friends with Easton and suggest him staying at the B&B that Becca owns.  Once Easton sets his eyes on Becca, BOOM, he is done for.  Lately, Easton has been feeling unfulfilled in his life and when he meets Becca he understands why.

Becca sees Easton for the first time and BOOM, but she has some reservations about her feelings because of this lifestyle and the fact that she is unwilling to leave her home.  Those feelings don’t’ last long because Easton doesn’t allow it.  The open communication between these two is refreshing because there aren’t a lot of books in which the main characters have zero misunderstands with zero issues between them.

The stalker element is allowed to play out in a natural and organic way, even thought I had a pretty good idea who it was early on.  However, that didn’t’ diminish the story for me at all.  I really enjoyed the writing style of this duo of authors, and love the care in which they treated Reynolds world.  My only issue with this book is there is a moment that the stalker is talking to someone on the phone once we are introduced to them, and we never find out who that person is.  Aside from that, this is a well structed and enjoyable book!