Delighted by Lexi Blake

POV: 3rd Person 
PoP: 75%
Tropes: Single Mom; Neighbors; Slow Burn; Found Family
Series: Masters and Mercenaries and 1001 Dark Nights Anthology
Type of Series: Interconnected Series
Rate:  5/5 Stars
Release Date: June 7, 2022

We finally get Boomer.  If you are a fan of the Masters and Mercenaries series then you have met him.  He is a big guy, that has not so great of an opinion of himself.  He knows he’s a good guy, and knows that he is a good friend, but thinks that he isn’t enough.  Daphne is a single mom who is stuck in a situation that she can’t get out of.  Her daughter Lou is genius level, and all Daphne wants to do is what is best for Lou.

Boomer saw his neighbor, and was instantly smitten, but they never really have any interactions until Lou takes life into her hands.  Her and Boomer create this amazing relationship that you just want to swoon over.  Boomer is the best guy for Lou to have as a father figure, and becoming a family allows Daphne to come out o the shell that she has created for herself.  This story brings in a lot of the McKay-Taggart family, and of course we get wisdom according to Ian (and Charlotte) Taggart that you just can’t help but laugh.  Along with those moments, you get small snippets of suspense because it wouldn’t be a Masters and Mercenaries novella without it.  I adore these characters and we get a lot of plot bunnies for Maebe.