De-café review of Dare to Resist by Carly Phillips

De-café review of Dare to Resist.

Quinnlyn Stone – Executive Assistant to Austin Prescott. She is young and just starting her life.  She is career oriented. Goal Focused.  She does not see a future for herself as anything other than a work life.  As the oldest of a large extended family she was often left to care for the younger children.  Giving up her life to help out parents and aunt and uncles.  

Austin Prescott- Ex football player turned sports agent.  Confirmed Bachelor living his best life.  He recently found out the man who thought was his uncle is actually his father. 

Jenny-  sweet baby girl abandoned on Austin Prescott’s door step with a note claiming she is his. 

One of my all time favorite tropes is the surprise/secret baby.  When you add a baby into the plot of  a love story there are so many chances for unique and funny interactions, especially in this story when the baby was delivered to the door step of a bachelor like Austin. 

In true Carly Phillips fashion Dare to Resist turned into a sweet love story.  I enjoyed watching Quinn’s evolution and realizations in this book. I also liked seeing a grown man upset when he thinks the baby doesn’t like him. I also enjoyed the evolution of Austin.  The realization that he needed to be there for the baby no matter what DNA says was a huge win for me. 

I will say I did not overly enjoy how Carly wrote the mother.  She just kind of got plopped into the book at the end for the large conflict.  I think they could have maybe had some other interactions with her leading up.  It felt like maybe she forgot about the mother and just added it real quick.  I think this disrupted the flow of the book for me. 

Dare to Resist is a quick and romantic read.  It is easily digested in one sitting.  This was a 4/5 read for me. I truly will read anything that Carly writes.   I can not wait to see what the future hold for the other Prescott siblings.