Jock Reign | Sara Ney

I am not sure how I missed this, but Jack is Ashley’s brother from Jock Royal.  More British hotties……yes, please!  I instantly fell in love with Jack.  He has such an easy going laid back style.  He is also quick witted, kind and funny.  Also, his  British sayings cracked me up everytime.  I also simply adored Eliza.  She is quirky, caring, and very kind. She didn’t play into the mean girl drama at school and I can appreciate her doing her thing and just making the best of her experience.  I also loved how Ney gave her interests that are typically seen in books for males.  But really, there are A LOT of females that like comics, too!!! These two’s friendship grew at such a realistic pace.  Sometimes a slow burn can make me anxious, but I felt like it was needed in this story.  Neither of these characters jumped right into steamy things and needed to have a foundation for a relationship.  But when they finally stopped fighting themselves they were epic.  

I sincerely hope that we get to see more of Eliza & Jack because they are simply fantastic.  They seem like a couple to go the distance and people that you want to hang out with! I love this edition to the series, and am really anxious for the next book!!!