Review: Perfect Scandal by Molly McLain

Rating: 4/5  PoP:38%  Mason Creek Book 30

This was my first Mason Creek book, and I have to say this book does great at standing on its own. I am sure the book would be much richer if I knew the stories of the McMurray brothers but I was not lost at all. Dean Langston’s life is at Mongolia Blue and he does not have time for anything else. However, Tessa McMurray has other plans. And those plans go a bit off the rails. 

This is a great low angst and quick read. I love the way Molly’s characters deal with the issues they face head on without hurting each other. Dean is certain that his future can not involve love but has a couple great people in his life to set him straight. Tessa can come off as kind of wild to begin with but she really is a responsible and caring person. These two balance each other very well and I love how they find out how to move forward with their “scandal”.