Quick Shot of Romance

This page is for listeners and follower of the Buzzing about Romance Podcast to nominate titles they would like us to consider for review.

A Quick Shot of Romance is a quick 20 min book review episode where Host Becky and Leah are joined by different Podcast Contributors to give a brief review of a chosen title. Twice a month Duchess Katie and Lady Sadie review a Historical Romance.

As you listeners know we do not rate the books but we ask 3 important questions. Did we like the book? Who would like the book? Do we Recommend the Book. These Episodes are then shared both as traditional Podcast but also on our Youtube Channel.

We are always interested in book recs from our community. So please feel free to submit a title for consideration.

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** Please Note we ask authors or PAs to not Nominate your own books. If You are an author and have a book you would like us to consider please email us at [email protected] **